These are De Lama’s

De Lama’s are a co-operative enterprise and that is a very intentionally chosen business structure. Equality, ownership, feeling good in a lasting, long term job in which satisfaction is of utmost importance ... these are all elements that led us to the co-op format.

Ecology and sustainability are a part of who we are and we also spread that message to our customers. We do everything by bike and public transport, our lunches are plant-based and, for foreign assignments, we replace flights with train trips whenever possible.

We prefer to work with clients who offer an added value to society themselves.

Meet the herd


Janne Vanhemmens
Social lama

Janne (27) specialises in social media, video interviews and photography. She studied languages and business communication in Ghent, Leuven & Stockholm and did internships at non-profit EVA in Ghent, the Schwarzkopf Foundation in Berlin and the European Parliament in Brussels. She worked for a year as social editor at Havas Media and then went on to provide the social media and content strategy for youth culture brand BILL at non-profit CJP for a year and a half. On the side, she guides hiking tours in Georgia, loves to see films, and has an active interest in plant-based nutrition.


Pieter Lantsoght
Copy lama

Pieter (35) has a feel for language. After studying journalism in Brussels, with an internship at Knack Weekend, he went to work for non-profit CJP. There he gained about 7 years of experience as a journalist, editor and chief editor. He worked on various magazines, helped to launch the youth culture brand BILL and supervised a team of 60 volunteer reporters. In 2014, that professional career got put on hold for almost a year of travelling half the world. When not working, you’ll find him at concerts, scouring architecture and design websites, or dreaming about that novel that must be written one day.


Robyn Hanssens
Digi lama

Robyn (23) is an online marketeer with a passion for numbers. Once she had gained her degree in marketing at the HoGent, she decided to further immerse herself in the digital world via the postgraduate for Digital Media Manager at Thomas More. She gained experience as an intern at Wunderman Thompson and Code d’Or. She boosts De Lama’s in technical matters like Analytics, SEO, online advertisements and reports. In her free time, she likes to get creative with knitting, greeting cards and sustainable clothing.