Our services


Pieter uses hands and mind to write, proofread, correct, rework or reduce all your text material.
  • Interviews
  • Articles
  • Blogs
  • Reports
  • Flyers
  • Folders
  • Website texts
We draw from our network of freelancer friends for translations.

Social media

Janne suggests the ideal strategy, perfectly suited to your social media, and posts your pages and profiles full of lively content.
  • Strategy: choice of channel, style, realistic goals
  • Content calendar: a handy structure in a shared document, so that you can work efficiently on your social media together with colleagues and freelancers
  • Content creation: photos, videos, subtitles, brief text, Instagram Stories
  • Community management: manage Facebook groups, establish community on your page, come up with competitions and deal with them
  • Live coverage of events: Instagram stories, Facebook posts, Facebook Live, tweets, photos and short film-clips
  • Statistical report with improvement goals and recommendations, also suitable for an annual report


Robyn delights in drafting your sponsored posts on social media and other online advertisements.
  • Strategy: channel, budget, duration, distribution
  • Creation and preparation
  • Follow-up and fine-tuning
  • Statistical report with improvement goals and recommendations


Robyn instantly ensures more visitors to your current website.
  • Analysis and visualisation of statistics
  • Website fine-tuning: content, navigation, …
  • Keyword analysis for text optimisation
  • Creation of a Google Analytics dashboard, so that you can also continue the analysis yourself


Janne’s first love: photography.
  • Portraits
  • Events
  • Post-production


Janne films, and quickly edits, videos for social media.
  • Interviews
  • AfterMovies
  • Editing
  • Subtitles


Robyn takes care of your newsletter.
  • Strategy
  • Calendar
  • Drafting and design: MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, ...
  • Text and visuals
  • Statistical report with improvement goals and recommendations


Janne or Robyn comes to you for a made-to-measure workshop.
  • Social media: start-up and basics
  • Social media: tips, tricks and best practices to use your channels better
  • Instagram Stories: what, why and how
  • Google Analytics: set up a dashboard together, learn to use it and to interpret it
  • Photography: handy settings, image composition
  • Videography: storyboard, material, practical tips and tricks
  • Videography: quickly learn to edit in Adobe Premiere
  • MailChimp: learn to design and send your own newsletters
  • Canva: create simple graphic designs with templates

Out of the box

We brainstorm with you on the most original and suitable communications product for your company or organisation.
  • Striking business cards
  • Original business or promotional gifts: ceramics, own beer, cider, mead, tea
  • Podcasts
  • Vlogs